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Have you been dealing with non-stop glitches on your laptop or PC? Are you completely fed up with your computer running at a snail's pace, freezing up, seizing up and crashing? Do you say to yourself under your breath, "Please, somebody just fix my PC!"? You're not alone. This is the kind of problem that can drive a person crazy. And let's be honest, who has the cash to drop thousands on a new computer every time it gets jammed up with errors? No-one with half a brain anyway... So if you've got anything from minor to epic PC error clusters and want to rid your machine of ALL OF THEM for good, AND save some money in the same shot, is the silver bullet you're looking for.

$9.99 month

No set up fee

Includes 50% off

Unlimited services



Choose a technician to troubleshoot computer problems. And he must be an online technician. It’s secure so there’s nothing to worry about! 24/7 techies provide online support to troubleshoot computer. Call us immediately!


If your computer does everything you need it to do and it’s six years old, you do NOT need a new one, no matter what the ads tells you. But every few years most of us do. Usually the old one breaks catastrophically and fixing it may mean throwing good money away. I can help you find the perfect PC after evaluating your personal, specific requirements.


Networking comes in two flavors, wired and wireless. Wireless networking, among other things, allows you to take your laptop anywhere in the house, even outside, while you’re wirelessly connected to the internet, your email, and other PCs on the network.

Viruses & Spyware (Malware Removal)

Malware will stop you dead, destroy data, block internet access, infect others through your email, slow, and eventually cripple your PC. I will explain your options and make sure you’re protected. If you’ve already suffered the consequences, I’ll kill the bugs, get you back to work, and minimize your odds of future infections.

Computer Setup

If you’re intimidated by the three or four boxes that your new PC came in, I’ll unpack it, connect everything, and make sure it all works. I’ll do all the software updates, hook up your printer, and make sure you’re up and running, glitch-free and confident, with free, useful tools that will enhance your protection and productivity.

Custom Computer Construction

PCs use some proprietary parts, which means a long service that your PC isn’t working. Then you wait, sometimes many days, for the part to be shipped, and then you need to have it installed! I build top-quality computers.This is a great option if you can’t afford days of downtime.

Data Backup Solutions

When (not if) your computer dies and your data, documents, photos, and music may no longer be available to you, what will you do?. If this data is indispensable, you can turn to a data recovery service, but these guys charge by how much you’re sweating when you walk in the door.

Email & Internet Setup

Cable, DSL or satellite, know your options before you’re roped into a contract! I’ll configure your internet access and help you find the email solution that’s right for you.


24/7 Support

Our technical support team is ready to answer questions and guide you to complete repair with 24/7 email support.

We Value Your Privacy

Your information provided for the repair of your computer. We will not sell your information to any other party.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the repair we'll give you your money back.


Services include, but are not limited to: Viruses & Spyware (Malware Removal) | Computer Setup & Configuration | Custom Computer Construction | Data Backup Solutions | Email & Internet Setup | Hardware & Software Consultation | Networking | Troubleshooting

  • 1.Full hardware diagnostics
  • 2.Parts ordering and installation
  • 3.Memory and hard drive upgrades
  • 4.Memory and hard drive replacement.
  • 6.Operating system and software installation (based on the terms of MIT's license agreements with software vendors).
  • 7.Data recovery and disaster assessment.
  • 8.Network and wireless troubleshooting
  • 9.Virus, spyware, and adware removal.


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